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Dance One Studios offers...

instructional training in all varieties of dance. Yet it is our focus on the total needs of the child – mind, body, and spirit that defines our studio as more than just a movement experience. Our design directs students to understand and appreciate the meaning and structure of dance in an artistic and aesthetic, yet fun manner.

Although performance is an important part of dance, it is not the primary focus at Dance One Studios. Our approach is not one of learn by imitation in preparation for a grand revue, but rather to nurture a child’s innate instinct to enjoy movement. Through creative activity and valuable dance experiences we foster artistic expression and provide your child with a meaningful extracurricular activity. For the serious student the training they receive provides them with a solid foundation, as well as a complete and challenging dance education.

In addition to the development...

of strength, agility, proper posture and body alignment, our classes promote self-confidence and self-esteem in a supportive and safe environment.

Many dance studios are run by teachers with great intentions but without adequate educational training. Because of our educational background (all teachers have degrees in dance) and professional dance experience, the staff at Dance One Studios recognizes and respects the similarities and differences in the students abilities and structures class experiences that are accessible and enjoyable to all.

Our goal is to offer a sound dance education for your child that promotes personal growth, provides individual attention, and delivers lots of fun!

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